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Involved in a Car Collision? This is What You Have to Do

If you drive frequently, then you know that accidents are a common occurrence on the highways, within the city, when travelling and during the course of your daily commuting. Accidents are a dime a dozen and can be fatal, mild or severe. Whatever the case, if you get involved in a collision, here's what you should do:1. Check the State of People Involved The very first thing to do is check if no one is hurt. This will determine what your next step will be. If someone is hurt, call the police immediately. It is a crime to hit and run or leave someone injured in an accident to his fate. If the accident is fatal and you can move, try what you can to keep anyone alive. In cases of fire, see if you can extricate any of the individuals. If you can, bring them out gently and move them far away from the inferno. Then check to see if they are alive. Lay them down in a position where they are facing upwards and see if they can talk. If they can, ask them simple questions to see if they can still recall things. If the p...


What Trunk bike Rack is Correct For You?

There are many bike rack companies that make trunk bike rack systems for multiple SUVs. Among these bike rack system companies are Allen, Hollywood Racks, Yakima, Thule, Saris and a few others. All the various trunk bicycle rack work almost the same way. Most of them strap onto the trunk of a auto and secure your cycle to your car for secure transport. Nothing else to it.Hollywood Racks, Saris, Allen and a couple others sell trunk mount bike rack systems that can carry more than one bike and can mount three bikes. This option is comes in handy when riding as a group and carpooling.Some models that I would recommend are the Saris Bones, Hollywood Racks Baja Rack, Allen AL102A and several others. All these trunk-mounted bike rack options are just a starting point.The Allen AL102A trunk mount bike rack weighs 9.5 pounds, fits on most sedans. The single configuration design makes it easy during set up and installation. The 12" long carry arms easily carries up to two bikes. You'll have it up and running w...


Mud Flaps For Pickups, Trucks, Vans And SUVs

Mud flaps offer a practical and simple solution to keep a truck, SUV, or pickup looking great and free of dirt, rocks, and splashes. The mudguards offer extra protect for the side of a track against rock chips, while also acting as splashguard to keep clear or mud and tar.Splashguards often come in heavy-duty materials, such as formulated PVC, high-impact rubber, and thermoflex to fit most makes and models of pickups, sports utility vehicles, vans, and trucks. Beside the resilient plastics, mud flaps also come in a powder coated aluminum for a distinctive appearance.A standard-sized mud flap measures in the region of 14 to 32-inch in length, while those with a fiberglass backing offers increased strength, and designed to cope in sub-zero or extreme temperature conditions - all without discoloring, splitter or cracking.Mudguards come in a multitude of designs and color choices to complement a particular vehicle - with the most common style in a dark gray or black matte finish, with others that are painted for ...


Everything You Need To Know About Paintless Dent Removal

It seems hard to believe that dings, dents, and other damage to a vehicle's body could be repaired without having to use touch-up paint, but it's true! Here is everything you need to know about paintless dent removal (PDR).-- How does it work?The process requires the use of special paintless dent removal tools that enable a technician to access the area behind the damage and work on it from that angle. Because all work is performed from the back and not the front, there is no need for touch-up paint. The metal behind the ding or dent is gently pushed back into position through a series of taps and pushes using the paintless dent removal tools. When the procedure is finished, the damage will have been repaired without affecting either the exterior finish or the integrity of the body. In nearly all cases, the paintless dent removal tools coupled with easy access points in most automobiles make the removal of a door or other part unnecessary.-- Does PDR fix all types of dents?The simple answer is no. If you have...


Investing In Car Bike Racks

Using car bike racks is a new development in these changing times. When you want to go on a trekking trip it is natural that you will also want to take your bike along on a car bike rack. You can carry your bike along with the car in a number of different ways. Rack options for taking your bike along are many. Checking your car for the possibility of fitting a roof rack is the first thing you should investigate. Gutters may not be present in some cars, but some of them do have special groves on the roof. These groves make it possible to fit a rack on it.Right knowledge of car bike racks:Car manufacturers have the right knowledge about car bike racks and methods of fixing them on your car. The manufacturer or dealer is also capable of letting you know the methods of fixing the car bike rack. Specially made racks are commonly available with car dealers. If you are not sure about the type of bike rack best suited for your needs, the car dealer is always more than willing to sell specially designed racks to you.T...


Great Automobile Care - It's Essential During The Winter

Many people spend their youth riding in various vehicles and are very excited to learn how to drive and then eventually buy their own car or truck. Most of these kinds of individuals tend not to learn how to take care of a car except for taking it to a mechanic when something goes wrong. Quite a few young guys learn fundamental car maintenance in high school or college and know how to take care of a car, but most men don't. You'll have the ability to keep your vehicle for a long while when you do some basic maintenance on it regularly. Particularly if you are living in a place where the weather in the wintertime turns cold, which can be bad for your cars and trucks.It really is imperative that you keep your tires appropriately inflated any time, but even more so when the temperature drops. As well as helping you prevent flat tires, you're going to get much better gas mileage when your tires are properly inflated. It will take next to no time to consistently look at your tire pressure and fill them up with air...


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